Volunteer, Financial Donations and Donations in Kind for Alpha House:

We are in need of financial donations and you can mail contributions to our address attn. of Financial Coordinator 203 – 15 Ave S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2G 1G4. Cheques can be made payable to Calgary Alpha House Society. Tax deduction receipts will be sent to you in response by mail.

 We appreciate your support.

 We are also in need of  donations in kind  at 203- 15 Ave SE. Call and ask for a team lead and they will assist you at 403 234 7388. You can leave items with the team lead along with your name and address from Monday to Sunday.

 Items We are in Most Need Include

New or freshly washed and laundered towels and blankets, new and freshly washed and laundered clothing suitable for men  such as t shirts, jeans, caps, underwear, socks, and footwear; convenience items like telephone calling cards, bifocal glasses, back packs and bus tickets, and personal products like foot powder and feminine hygiene products, tooth brushes and tooth paste, lip balm or lip chap, shaving razors and shaving cream, deodorant, hair brushes and combs, shampoo and conditioner.

Tax deductible receipts are available for donations in kind with sales receipts and can be mailed to you.

 Volunteering and Donating your Time:

Volunteers are important to us and we want your time to be meaningful. Volunteers for Housing remain an ongoing need and positions are available for individuals wanting to mentor a client. Positions for small groups of 2-3 wanting to help with evening suppers at a housing project are also available.  We have an ongoing need for those wanting to join our sandwich making group on Thursday afternoon and those who want to serve Sunday lunch to shelter clients. We post updates and new positions available on our web site and with Volunteer Calgary To be placed on our volunteer events and needs/wait email list please contact David the Volunteer Coordinator at .Thank you to all our volunteers.

Presently we recruiting for Board Members for the 2014- 2015 year and prospective volunteers can send a resume and statement of interest to the volunteer coordinator above.