The Alpha House’s Detoxification Program has a capacity for 38 clients and our short-term Transitional Bed program has capacity for 4 clients.

How To Access

Detoxification Program Services:

Please call 403-234-7388 Ext# 2 to inquire about bed space. Or arrive at 203 15th Ave SE and ask an employee to be assessed for the Detox Program.

Transitional Bed Program:

Please call 403-234-7388 Ext# 2 to inquire about bed space. Or arrive at 203 15th Ave SE and ask an employee to be assessed for a bed in the Transitional Bed Program. A person must first complete a detoxification program before they can be considered for a Transitional Bed.

The goal of our Detoxification Program is to provide clients with the safe and supportive environment that they require to successfully withdrawal from a substance.

Detoxification Program

The Detox program provides a stable setting where programming and meals are provided for people withdrawing from an addictive substance. An assessment can take place at any time and through any form of communication such as in-person, by phone, or by email. We honour and respect referrals from a variety of agencies and community stakeholders such as Alberta Health Services and Calgary Police Services.

alpha-detox-2Upon admission, a client and their addiction support worker will develop a care plan designed to assist the client to detox successfully and increase their overall stability. Detox clients are asked to participate in a variety of programs that are available to them as each activity promotes one’s bio-psychosocial or spiritual well-being in one form or another. Some of our programming includes Aboriginal ceremony, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous support, medical consultation, daily exercise, peer support groups, yoga therapy and staff presentations.


The Transitional Bed Program successfully assists clients to bridge the gap from homelessness into housing, addiction treatment, health care options and other positive destinations.

Short-Term Supportive Housing Program

alpha-detox-1Clients can move into our STSH Program where they can continue to be supported after they have detoxed. Clients in a variety of circumstances requiring a safe and supportive environment may be admitted to the program, such as those working towards potential housing or addiction treatment. Once admitted, our staff work with the client to best prepare them for a positive destination.

The clients in the STSH Program have access to the same programming as in the Detox Program, but the STSH clients have more opportunity to access services and support outside of our facility since they are no longer detoxing.

Ultimately, the STSH Program provides vulnerable clients with the safe and supportive environment that they require for continued stability and success.

* Thank you to Gordon MacPherson for the great photos of our detox center.