Who We Help

Our work is a direct intersection of homelessness, addiction, and mental health. All of our clients’ lives have been impacted by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

Client Stories

Success looks different to everyone

The past five years saw me reconnecting with family. Siblings, children, grandchildren and so on. I’ve taken care of health issues such as getting a hip replaced. In general I’ve improved my quality of life. This would not have been possible had Alpha House not been there.

Due to our interactions while housed at detox, I trusted her. This is important when somebody is sorting through the mess of emotions that lead to addictions. Trusting somebody while letting go of thoughts and emotions is key to recovery. And because I trusted Mel I was able to put trust in other staff.

I was also a volunteer at Alpha House in the capacity of a craft teacher at Detox.

My intent was to drink myself to death on the streets of Calgary. Being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver is proof that I was very close to achieving that goal. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who have passed away on those same streets from addictions. And if not for the support I received from Alpha House I can faithfully assume that my death would have taken place.


After a few months of encouragement and motivation, G finally decided to go shopping for grocery’s – staff’s encouragement helped G to break his one year routine of going to the Pub immediately after midnight of his pay day. He was also able to buy Subway gift cards so that he can have his favourite subs when he is struggling at the end of the months. We are very proud of G for working to achieve this goal.


I found myself increasingly being the victim in life and had many runs of bad luck. More and more I drank myself to sleep, then through the day as well. I reached the point of losing jobs, not affording food, haircuts, direly needing dental work, laundry, cleaning supplies, and other basics. I went to A.A. And realized I needed more help than A.A. All the recovery centres said I had to detox first before any consideration.

I went to Alpha House where I laid on a mat in a parkade. I asked to go to the detox upstairs and was soon admitted. They put food in me, a place to shower and a haircut, and helped me get into Fresh Start Recovery.

I went to Fresh Start and worked my butt off studying extra, focusing in class, applying myself and being honest with myself.

I have a very long stretch of sobriety now, live in a great place and enjoy my work. I have a good balance in life and see things from new viewpoints and deal with adversity differently.

It all started laying on a mat sweating with the dry heaves in the shelter at Alpha House.

Robin Williams

K came to the office and explained to staff that despite having money from receiving her GST cheque she stayed in and hasn’t spent it. She knew the importance of staying in and remaining sober to see the doctor regarding her health.