Lethbridge in the Community

Alpha House is committed to the safety and well-being of our staff, residents and community members. We are always available to engage with our neighbours in an ongoing dialogue around community safety.

Who to call When

If you have a concern directly related to the Stabilization Centre and Shelter, such as noise or a garbage concern or if you have reason to believe an issue involves a client of Alpha House’s.

If for any reason you feel that a situation should be dealt with by or reported to the police, but there are no threats to anyone’s safety, such as witnessing what appears to be a drug deal. Police will attend on a lesser-priority response time.

Alpha House is continuing to build its relationships in the community, working closely with the city, the police, the community resource officer, local businesses, and community members.

Other Community Resources

Lethbridge Overdose Prevention Site

An overdose prevention site mobile unit is located in front of the Stabilization Centre and Shelter in Lethbridge. Alberta Health Services (AHS) will operate the site 20 hours a day (8AM to 4 AM), seven days a week. Alpha House staff will be working alongside AHS to ensure the safety of clients, staff, and the community and to facilitate access to a variety of needed supports.   

The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen

The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen (LSK) operates out of the west side of the Stabilization Centre and Shelter building and provides daily meals to individuals experiencing poverty and hunger. Teams of volunteers from churches and from within the community take turns preparing healthy meals and serving guests.

Downtown Business Revitalization Zone  

The Downtown Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is a visionary collective of business leaders who provides public advocacy on important issues affecting the downtown core. It maintains partnerships with the City of Lethbridge, cultural venues, service groups and other non-profit agencies. Downtown Lethbridge serves its members by implementing unique programs to promote area interests and attractions.