Our Housing Programs

Our housing programs provide a base of stability for Calgarians who need a safe place to live. We believe everyone deserves to have a safe, stable home. Our programs includes Community Housing and Permanent-Supportive Housing (PSH). We work with all communities in Calgary to find independent living opportunities for community housing clients and operate five place-based buildings in our PSH program: Madison Place (Veterans), Francis Manor, Aurora on the Park, Women’s Building, and The Clayton. Our accredited housing program abides by the philosophies of Harm Reduction and Housing First with the capacity to provide housing for just under 300 individuals.

“When we started the community housing program, we learned of the importance of client choice and our role to encourage responsibility. When an individual signs their own lease and lives independently with support from a Alpha Housing Case Manager the Housing First model becomes organic and meaningful.”

Permanent Supportive Housing:

Our permanent-supportive housing includes five place-based buildings with specific emphasis on supporting historically underserved populations: Indigenous Peoples, Veterans, Women, and individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. Intensive case management support at all buildings 24/7 assists residents to learn and practice healthy guest management and housekeeping skills while they improve their current living conditions and health.

These five buildings provide shared accommodation, bachelor suites and one-bedroom units. Each building serves one meal per day, which is graciously provided by Meals on Wheels.  These buildings have been successful because our teams are able to provide unique case management to each individual resident and close proximity to our residents allows for us to complete tasks quickly for multiple residents. We have found great success in developing and implementing a consistent approach which helps us assist our resident’s individual housing needs.


“We are an accredited housing program that abides by the philosophies of Harm Reduction and Housing First.”


Community Housing:

A home is a place where people can work on other aspects of their lives to create a healthier future. It is a platform for changing lives. Clients in our Community Housing program are housed throughout the community in their own units and sign their own leases work. They work with caseworkers on a routine basis to identify goals and work towards them. Caseworkers provide hands-on case management and help clients with their basic and long-term needs.


Our accredited housing programs focus on housing women and men who are experiencing addiction, chronic homelessness, and frequent interactions with emergency services like police, EMS, and/or hospitalizations.

How to Access

To be referred into any of our housing programs you must have a housing assessment (VI-SPDAT) completed by our Encampment Team (403-805-7388)  or at the SORCe. This will put you on the Coordinated Access and Assessment system list.

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