Our Outreach Programs include three mobile response teams: Needle Response, Encampment, and the Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP).

We offer a wide range of outreach services aimed at engaging clients into services, but also to reduce the impact of intoxication and homelessness on the broader community and public systems.

Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP) Team


  • Initiated in 2005 as a mobile diversion response to streel level intoxication
  • Consists of three mobile teams and one team dedicated to City Transit platforms (Main Team, Beltline Team, and Downtown Team)
  • Works closely with Calgary Police Services and Emergency Medical Services to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate uses of these services
  • Responds to calls from businesses, community members, and other homeless-serving agencies
  • Facilitates individual’s access and entry to the local service systems of shelters, health care, addiction treatment, and supportive housing

The team also raises awareness and builds understanding in the community with respect to homelessness and addiction through presentations with community members, businesses, and community associations. The program provides a model of how to engage with vulnerable persons. A social return on investment (SROI) demonstrated that for every dollar invested in the DOAP Program, there is a social return of $9.43.


unique clients served by the DOAP Team in FY21-22


interactions with clients in FY21-22


calls a day for the DOAP Teams services

Encampment Team


  • Consists of one mobile response team working with the City of Calgary Bylaw
  • Support “rough sleepers” to navigate them into appropriate supports including shelter, detox, and housing programs
  • Provide clients with access to the shelter clinic, lunch, sleeping bags…etc.



unique clients worked with in FY21-22


interactions with clients in FY21-22

Needle Response Team


  • Began in January 2019
  • Consists of one mobile response unit cleaning up needle and needle debris on public and private property
  • Patrols “hot spots” looking for needle debris
  • Responds to calls from community/business members to safely dispose of needle/needle debris
  • Gives presentations to educate the public on how to safely dispose of needles and needle debris


calls from the public for needle debris pickup


Needle debris collected in FY21-22


training sessions for needle debris pickup provided in FY21-22