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Our work is a direct intersection of homelessness, addiction, and mental health. All of our clients’ lives have been impacted by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

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Past Client Stories

Success looks different to everyone

Alpha House’s Encampment Team received a call from “R”, stating that felt like there was something wrong with his head. He shared that he had been “out in the woods” for three days, unable to go to work or return to the house where he had been staying. “R” clarified that he felt physically capable of doing these things but that something was stopping him, and he could not figure out what. The team had a discussion with “R” in an effort to work out the source of his anxiety and feelings of being stuck. The Encampment Team was able to meet with “R” again the following week to discuss current goals and tasks he has on the go as a follow up to his experience the previous week. He stated that he felt better after talking to the team and receiving their support.

May 2022

Client 'R'

Alpha House’s Encampment Team visited “M” at his encampment in the south of Calgary. “M” spoke with the team and shared that he had been doing well. He identified that he had been experiencing increasingly frequent positive symptoms of schizophrenia (multiple voices when inside his camp). The team noted that “M” demonstrated significant insight into his symptoms, including that he is generally able to differentiate between internal and external stimuli. He shared that they are stressful but that he feels he is coping well with them. After discussing an action plan with “M”, he agreed to having a nurse visit his camp to discuss mental health referrals. The Encampment Team was able to act as a bridge to services by connecting “M” with the mental health support that he otherwise would have had a very difficult time accessing on his own.

April 2022

Client 'M'

The Encampment Team had been working closely with a client named “G” to transition him from encampment style living into stable housing. They met with “G” at his camp where he reported to them that he had been successful and the final signoff for his apartment was scheduled for the following week, then he should be ready to move in shortly afterwards. He stated that he was looking forward to focusing on himself going forward after recently ending things with his partner, who was staying in a nearby camp. The Encampment Team provided “G” with lunch, water and topped up his phone with more minutes so the team could keep in contact with him and support him as he made the transition into his new housing.

April 2022

Client 'G'

Alpha House’s DOAP (downtown outreach addictions partnership) Transit team came across two clients who were seen on the top of stairs of a parkade. They were able to engage with the pair and during conversation, both individuals expressed intentions of trying to make major changes in their homeless situation. DOAP Transit completed an NSQ (Needs & Services Questionnaire) with the clients so their needs could be properly assessed, and they could officially be placed on a contact list to be taken on by a caseworker. After the NSQ was complete, DOAP Transit provided both individuals with transport to the ODP (Overdose Prevention) clinic for access to medication and to begin the application process to join the Alberta Works program.

April 2022

Meeting clients where they are at