Our shelter seeks to provide short-term, crisis-oriented emergency shelter 24/7 for adults who
are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Clients can access a variety of supports
through our shelter services.

Shelter Services

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shelter services in FY22-23

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Alpha House’s Shelter opened on January 18, 1982 in Victoria Park as a safe haven for men and women living vulnerable on the streets of Calgary. The Shelter facility is co-located in our downtown site with our Detox and Transitional Housing Program to facilitate easy access to medically supported withdrawal.


Alpha House’s Shelter provides:

  • A safe and caring environment to reduce harm and vulnerability due to alcohol and other drug dependencies for those who would otherwise sleep outside, in holding cells, or in hospitals
  • Immediate withdrawal management and monitoring for complications due to alcohol and drug use
  • Medical and mental health interventions along the recovery continuum
  • A culturally safe environment for women and men with diverse backgrounds
  • Showers and sleeping mats
  • Daily soup kitchen
  • Access to detox and housing program assessments

In 2005, Alpha House began operating as a 24-hour self-referral facility.

How To Access

A person who is under the influence can present to 203 15 Ave SE at any time. Alpha House’s
shelter has a maximum capacity of 120 beds

In the Community

Alpha House has a longstanding history delivering on public health and safety working with our most vulnerable citizens for nearly 40 years. We strive to balance our clients’ needs for support in their recovery journeys while supporting a safer, vibrant community and effective use of emergency public systems.

Safety is very important to us – for the vulnerable Calgarians we serve, our employees and the residents and businesses that are part of the larger surrounding community. We value our relationships with neighbours and welcome open dialogue. We also take community concerns seriously and some of the ways we respond include:

  • Participating in regular stakeholder meetings
  • Providing a dedicated phone number for our immediate neighbours to call
  • Having our staff on the street in front of our main entrance 24/7 to assist the vulnerable Calgarians we serve, as well as to respond to community concerns
  • Documenting all community calls and recording our responses to track any trends or key issues
  • Offering free Vulnerable Persons Training to those who would like to learn more about how to engage with the Calgarians we serve