Detox / Transitional

Our Detox Program provides residential care for clients to safely withdrawal from drugs in a medically supportive environment. Our Transitional Program helps move clients safely into permanent housing or long-term drug treatment facilities.

Detox & Transitional Beds (42 beds)

Alpha House’s Detox and Transitional Program opened in 1982 and is co-located in our downtown facility with our Shelter Program to facilitate easy access to medically supported withdrawal

Clients served (FY2022-23)

Clients supported to long-term addiction treatment programs (FY2022-23)

Detox Services


The Detox program offers a stable setting for people withdrawing from an addictive substance. An initial assessment can take place at any time and through any form of communication such as in-person, by phone, or by email. Detox services include:

  • Withdrawal management, which includes detox assessment, nursing and medical assessment, opioid replacement therapies, referrals to long-term treatment centres, and access to our housing team
  • Acupuncture and yoga sessions are offered as well as volunteer lead monthly art classes, music circle, and haircuts
  • Indigenous supports include access to an Elder, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Pipe and Sharing circles
  • Daily programming is provided on various topics (relapse prevention, harm reduction, etc.)
  • AA and Wellbriety Group (Step program within an Indigenous Context) are offered

Transitional Housing

Alpha House provides 12 transitional beds in its detox facility to individuals who have completed their detox program and are awaiting start dates for drug-treatment or housing programs. Detox is a requirement for many rehabilitation facilities, but wait times for bed availability can be substantial. Our transitional beds provide a safe environment for clients to assist them in achieving their goal of entering a rehab program.

How To Access

Individuals wishing to enter into either the Detoxification or Transitional Bed Program can call 403-234-7388 Ext #2 to inquire about bed space or arrive at 203 15 Ave SE and ask to be assessed for the Detox Program.

A person must complete a detox program before they can be considered for a Transitional Bed.

Residential Detox Treatment Services License