"The safety of clients and staff remain our top priority. We continue to support our clients with their immediate and long-term needs." Read an Update Here Caption Text6 How to Help Covid-19 "At Alpha House, we see the resilience, courage, and strength that's been a part of their journey all along. We offer resources, compassion, and stability so people can move forward, whatever that might look like." Hope. Service. Well-Being Watch Here The Lethbridge Stabilization Centre and Shelter will provide a dedicated and tailored program to meet the unique needs of individuals under the influence of substances. The program support model combines harm reduction, withdrawal management and relationship-focused supports. Lethbridge Stabilization Centre and Shelter Learn More

Alpha House has adjusted all programming and operations to adhere to Provincial and Federal guidelines regarding COVID-19.  You can find all updates related to Alpha House’s COVID-19 Response on our blog: www.alphahousecalgary.com/blog/ . If you have any questions about our response, please email us at info@alphahousecalgary.com 

Calgary Alpha House Society is a non-profit, charitable agency that provides safe and caring environments for individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies

What We Do

Alpha House was established in 1981 as a place of safety for men and women struggling with addictions, as well as mental and physical health issues. We operate a Shelter and Detox/Transitional facility, Outreach Programs, including the DOAP Team, Encampment Team, and the Needle Response Team, and Housing Programs with intensive case management support. 

Who We Help

Our work is a direct intersection of homelessness, addiction, and mental health. All of our clients’ lives have been impacted by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

Who We Are

Alpha House has a long history of innovating and evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients, the city, and the increasing complexities of homelessness and drug use.

How You Can Help

Your support gives vulnerable men and women access to safe and caring environments 24/7

How We Help

Our services make up a continuum of care, which clients can enter at any point based on their needs. We operate shelter, detox, outreach, and housing programs. 


Calgary Alpha House Society’s work positively impacts the Calgary community by providing help to vulnerable citizens. In doing so, we divert individuals away from unnecessary uses of health care, criminal justice, and emergency systems by building relationships and connecting clients to more appropriate community resources.

Individuals receive housing with 24/7 wrap-around supports through five permanent-supportive housing programs and one transitional housing program .

Needle debris were collected by our Needle Response Team in 2019.

Individuals connected with supports through our shelter in 2019.


Alpha House Partnership: Calgary Police Services

Alpha House Partnership: Calgary Police Services

If I was to offer an introduction of the 40 year history of Alpha House two important groups would stand out…the now decommissioned Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission and Calgary Police Services.

Grief and Loss at Alpha House: A Personal Reflection*

Grief and Loss at Alpha House: A Personal Reflection*

“For the clients who have died I remember them as people who lived resourcefully, with humor, resilience, eccentricity, and with love and caring for others in all ways that humans express their humanity to each other.”

Wellbriety at Alpha House

Wellbriety at Alpha House

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for over 2 years, Alpha House has hosted Wellbriety sessions for clients...

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